Stationeers - What In The World Update

A number of bug fixes and updates have been pushed to Stationeers, including the ability to customize your new world.

by Timothy Cachia on 10/02/2020

RocketWerkz has pushed the first update for 2020 and it brings a number of much needed bug fixes, as well as a couple of new features. 

Ever wanted to play on a pink 'hello kitty' style planet? This update introduces a new interface which will allow players to customize the look of the planet, including color, gravity as well as hunger rate. It is definitely a nice feature to add to the game.

The new difficulty settings are brilliant, and can make a hardcore survival game even more hardcore by adding the 'Stationeer' setting. If you die, your basically screwed, as you would need someone else to revive you. The process of resurrecting you involves placing your corpse into a CryoTube, which will slowly resuscitate you.

Should you wish to check out the full list of bug fixes, please check out their steam page on:

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