The Sandbox Dudes are a group of avid gamers with a passion for open world games, sandbox, survival and crafting. We thrive on testing the latest indie titles that depict real life survival scenarios, and we are proud to be blatantly honest about how good or bad they are... be it any platform. Is it space, in the middle of the jungle or in some weird fantasy world? ... be always alert for the sandbox critics will not make your life easy.

With the ever growing number of indie titles being spewed out to the gaming community, someone must help distinguish between the 'what the heck is this pile of raw sewage', to the 'this is history in the making'. Our constructive criticism can help make your game even better and even surpass the competition.

Aleksander Gajewski (Axel)

Alex Gajweski, under the username Axel was born on the 23rd October 1993, and is a founding member of the Sandbox Dudes. He has an insane admiration for Japanese Anime and Comics. He met Tim through Minecraft Malta, and eventually started exploring other Open World Sandbox games like Space Engineers, The Forest, Rust and Beasts of Prey. In 2015, Alex and Tim decided to venture into the YouTube world and introduce their craziness to the world.

Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Social Media Management

Timothy Cachia (TakoMT)

Timothy Cachia, under the username TakoMT was born on the 28th June 1979, and is a founding member of the Sandbox Dudes. He is the creative mind behind the sandbox dudes, and when in-game, is usually the one to plan how buildings are layed out and set-up. He is a huge fan of Star Citizen and anything open world as well as having a weird fetish for Dinosaurs.

Server Management, Content Management

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