Kevin Duca (Darkgamer)

Kevin Duca was born on the 21st October 1991, and is a founding member of Nintendo Gamers Malta. He's been a gamer ever since he picked up an Amiga joystick over two decades ago. In more recent times, he's evolved/de-volved into a fully fledged weeb, with a growing collection of import games as well as several gaming and anime figurines taking up all the shelf space at home.

Ken Shidou (Shadowken9 / ken-chan)

Ken Shidou has been a nintendo gamer since when he picked up a GBA for the first time, and grabbed a copy of Pokemon Sapphire. His interest expands throughout many other franchises, such as Persona, Touhou and Fate(Type-Moon). Is a huge anime fan (Has in fact been watching Anime since 2006) and is what is more note-worthy, is that he's an aspiring game developer. He is in fact already working on various projects, managing both the programming aspect of the game, and the actual plot.

Isaac Boldarini (HoneyWobbles / IKE)

Isaac is one of the Nintendo Gamers Malta admins, and is responsible for hosting and managing tournaments during events like Comic Con. He has fond memories of playing on an SNES when he was young, so gaming was always present in his life whether it was on PC, Nintendo or even other consoles. His love for Nintendo games began when he discovered a game that was not even released in Europe - Earthbound. In SBD, he's responsible for editing gameplays and/or doing silly faces in live reactions. He also manages live streams (whenever there is one).

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