Server: play.minecraftmalta.net
Join the epic creative and survival game from Mojang and let your imagination run wild. Join our survival server, play games within our dedicated mini games zone, or join some old school PvP mayhem. The world is yours to command.

Rust (Full pvp)

Can you survive the harsh world that is Rust? The wild creatures that inhabit the world are the least of your worries, as other players are always on the prowl. Visit a mesmerizing world, with some interesting points of interest to explore and loot to survive the harsh world that is Rust.


Explore the wondrous and mysterious world of ARK Survival Evolved, where mysterious and prehistoric creatures await you, ready to pounce on you at any moment. In our server you can build to your heart's content, hunt all the creatures in the wild, and ride them all. Our server also features x3 Taming Speed and x2 Resources.


7 Days to die (Full pvp)

7 Days to Die is not your regular survival and players may sometimes be the least of your worries. Forge alliances and grow your settlement to survive the ever growing hordes of zombies that attack you every night. Beware of the 7th day, for the blood moon can be unforgiving if unprepared.


Server: Sandbox Dudes Official Server
Creativerse is quite similar to Minecraft, but has way more stuff that is ready to kill you. A large procedural world at your feet and a huge amount of different blocks for you to build your own architectural marvel. The game is free-to-play, so why not come and give it a try?

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