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Starbase - Building in fully destructible space

A voxel space building MMO, set in an expanding universe, where you need to explore, build, trade and eventually fight.

by Timothy Cachia on 05/03/2020

Are you a big fan of Empyrion or Space Engineers?, then chances are you heard of the upcoming title from FrozenByte - Starbase. Starbase is essentially an MMO, the environment is fully destructible like Space Engineers, and the universe is continuously expanding. There are no shields, so high speed collisions can spell doom for your ship. The good thing, is that there is sandbox mode, should you wish to play alone or just with friends, and explore a huge galaxy, visiting along the way a vast array of stations and social hubs. There is going to be a lot of detail, from corrosion issues, to leaking propellant, data and electrical networks, and much more.

This is the official trailer launched back in 2019, and according to the official site, has been in development for over 6 years now. We do not as yet have a playable version of the game, so information is quite limited.

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