TemTem - It is Pokemon without Pokemon

The new kickstarter sensation has already doubled its initial target.

by Timothy Cachia on 06/06/2018
So if you have been living under a rock for the past few days, a new game was released on kickstarter which not only surpassed it's initial goal, but has doubled it... and the money hasn't stopped coming in as yet. TemTem is an upcoming MMO where you travel around the world find strange creatures that can evolve into bigger and more powerful beings. You can fight other TemTem masters and basically collect as many of these mystical creatures as you can.
Sounds familiar? Well yes, it looks, feels and has all the elements from a Pokemon game, but without Pokemon. For years now Pokemon Go has been a great sensation, and with the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go, it will be even more popular... but to date Pokemon had great potential for an MMO, but Nintendo have favored more single player RPGs and some adventure spin-off like Detective Pikatchu. Crema saw that open niche, and definitely took full advantage of it... and the community is growing daily.
I am actually looking forward to this game and there are still 26 days left to go for the campaign to close. If you want to learn more about TemTem, or even help the guys back at Crema, visit their kickstarter page now.
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