Green Hell - Psychological Survival

A new hard core survival is coming this summer. Explore the rain forest and survive only through instinct and by using the environment around you.

by Timothy Cachia on 11/06/2018
Green Hell takes place in the Amazon rain forest, and the developers of the game Creepy Jar, made sure you feel like you truly are lost in it. It is an open world survival simulator, abandoned in the forest you only have your bare hands to build shelter, look for food and continuously monitor your health. Wild beasts are not the only thing that is in for you out there, but also diseases and the dangerous environment. Even your mental health is at risk, as the loneliness of the environment you are in can have adverse effects on your persona.
As a game, Green Hell looks incredible graphically, and what I found original is the injury system. You see, whilst journeying through the forest, you can easily hurt yourself and even get cuts and wounds which can easily get infected. By using a system called the 'body inspection mode', you can look at your limbs and check for any such wounds. Using whatever resources you find in the forest you will need to sort out these wounds, by using natural remedies as maggots to clean infected tissue.
Green Hell is coming out this Summer 2018 on Steam, and will be a stand alone game. 
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