Hytale - Preparing for 2021

Preparing for what could possibly be the next level of Minecraft. New RPG world, server hosting and more...

by Timothy Cachia on 03/01/2020

It has been just under a month, when we got to know that Hytale - the much anticipated block game, has been postponed for 2021. But the excitement has not subsided in the least... in the end though... what are our plans for Hytale?

Just over a month ago, we decided to close off the Minecraft server for a number of reasons. This ranged from lack of support on keeping the server going as well as too much work involved to keep it going, mod updates, development related to custom mods used within our servers and lack of support from Mojang themselves in relation to mods. You see, Minecraft is one of the most heavily modded games out there, but out of the box, Minecraft Vanilla is still not moddable and requires 3rd party support to mod.

Hytale promises to be different, and will introduce new mod support, heavy customization and most important of all features - role playing elements. This means that we can easily create quests, scenarios, challenges and adventures. We can create custom creatures and more importantly, we can add NPCs to the world.

For the last couple of weeks, we have been working on how we are going to implement Hytale to our community once released, incl. a new huge RPG world to explore and adventure in with your friends. We will be releasing more information on this world in the coming months, as development into Hytale progresses.

This means, that we have no longer any plans to get Minecraft going again, and we will be redirecting all our work and efforts into the new Hytale setup. Whilst we cannot disclose any further information, we do promise you it will be a unique and enjoyable experience.

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