Satisfactory Update 3 Out Now

Satisfactory has implemented on their experimental branch, the new Update 3, which includes a tsunami of new features.

by Timothy Cachia on 11/02/2020

Satisfactory has implemented on their experimental branch, the brand new Update 3, so get out your giant wrench and lets get mechanical. This brand new update introduces a never ending list of new features, updates and bug fixes which shall be expanded upon in future articles. For now, let me try and summarize all the exciting new changes thrust upon us by Crema Studios.

New Fluids and Pipe System

We begin with what I consider the biggest update of all.. the new fluid system. This changes some existing mechanics of the game as well as introduce new elements to cater for within your facility. For example, there are now water extractors which are needed to collect water and cool your coal generators as well as your nuclear generators. Fuel is now also treated as a liquid and needs to be transferred throughout the world using the new pipe system. You have pumps to ensure a steady flow over long distances and tanks to store liquids within your facility. They also introduced liquid carts for your trains to assist in the delivery of such liquids.

Refinery and Fuel Generator Update

Since they introduced the new fluid system, it is only logical the refinery also got an upgrade. Refineries can still package the liquids as is it did in the original game, but it is also required to process your liquids, such as the case of oil.

The fuel generator also got an overhaul and now has a pipe connection as an input to receive processed fuel. Unlike the coal and nuclear plants, the fuel generator does not require cooling so far.

The new Coupon and A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Bonus Program

A new addition to the game, which is NOT a micro transaction system, is the new AWESOME bonus program, or as I call it.... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This new system allows players to covert unused goods and materials into points which can then be exchanged into coupons by using a new structure called the sink.

You can thereafter exchange these coupons for upgrades, equipment and even decorative items. Whilst a much welcome feature to the game, it did take me a substantial amount of time to get those much needed upgrades like walls, gates, stairs, ramps and walkways... especially when you need every resource you collect in the initial hours of game-play. They also did introduce new wall windows, which is a much welcome change.

The decorative rewards are also all statues, and whilst some of these are quite cool looking, I was hoping for some shrubberies and trees to decorate your facility. Mind you, the new factory cart is awesome, and I am ever so grateful for the new pillars. My highway system now looks beautiful.

The New Hyper Tubes

This is a new and unexpected update, which introduces a new method of travel using a tube system. You can now build tube networks, which your character can use to travel quite fast and safely from point A to point B.

Entrances will suck you in and propel you along these tubes. Patch notes also mention these hyper tubes are 'accident-free' and if you end up in the wrong one you can change direction and go back the way you came from.

Other Updates

Whilst the update included a number of new fixes to the game, it also added a new location to the world - The Dune Desert. This Tatooine like area, lacks a number of resources, can be challenging and can also be selected as your starting zone.

There also some other changes such as the new crouch and slide movement, the new M.A.M. which allows you to research outside the confines of the hub, and this also introduced a new research tree system for the new M.A.M. The equipment and crafting benches have also changed, but for more information and details regarding the update, check out the official Update 3 page from Coffee Stain by use the following link:

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