Jurassic Park Evolution

Can you contain that T-Rex?

by Timothy Cachia on 14/06/2018
Since I was a kid, I always idolized dinosaurs and I found them to be intriguing and yet strange beasts. When Jurassic Park hit the big screen back in 1993, i was mesmerized as I saw some of my favorite dinosaurs come to life. The whole concept of Jurassic Park.... the enclosures, the remote island full of danger... was exciting to say the least.
Then in 2003 I got my hands on Operation Genesis... a tycoon park building game where you could build your own Jurassic Park. It had relatively good AI for the dinosaurs, and the only real treat was a twister that could break your dinosaurs free. Even though it did have it's limitations, it was a fun game to play.
When finally Jurassic World Evolution was announced, I was excited to finally get my hands on a true successor to Operation Genesis. They promised to keep our favorite features from the old game and improve them in the new one. 2 Days ago, the game was released and I have enjoyed it ever since.
Initially, a number of early reviews of the game promoted the game quite negatively, and at one point I was really close to just cancelling my pre-order for the game. I am glad I did not. First and foremost a number of individuals said there are just too many dinosaurs in the game. It is up to you which dinosaurs you can incubate in your park, so it doesn't really matter... but one has to remember that the main focus of the game are the actual dinosaurs... so saying there are too many is kind of an overstatement. 
Lets look at the game itself. So it all takes place just after the events of Jurassic World, and you have a chance to experience all 5 islands within the Muertes archipelago, 2 of which are the legendary Isla Sorna (Lost World) and obviously Isla Nublar (Jurassic Park and Jurassic World). Each island is beautifully designed and each one has it's own campaign and setup, and one thing I like is the fact that you can switch between one island and another as your progress through the game. So if you leave and go to the next island, you can return to your other islands whenever you want. Only Isla Nublar is an actual Sandbox island and can be unlocked early on by getting 4 stars on the 1st island - Matanceros. When compared to it's predecessor, Evolution has way more guest amenities, from fast food, to gift shops, clothes stores and you can even design your own monorail setup. There is more flexibility when designing the enclosures and there are various types of fences depending on the dinosaurs you wish to keep in them.
Needless to say, it does have it's flaws. Operation Genesis needed more park management, like cleaning and paths could be decorated. I kind of miss these small details and I do hope they add such features in the future. What I do hope to see in future DLCs are aquatic and flying dinosaurs.

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