Stationeers is not your typical space survival game. It is truly hardcore, requires a lot of patience and there is just so much to do.

by Timothy Cachia on 09/03/2018
Stationeers is yet another title in early access that has hit the gaming scene back in December 2017. It promised to deliver a truly unique new experience within the space survival genre, but the question is... what the hell is Stationeers?
Stationeers is the latest title to be released by Dean Hall, the guy infamous for the DayZ mod for Arma III. Some of you at this point would be asking - But why trust whatever that guy develops after the whole DayZ saga? Well, I was skeptical at first too, but it turns out, this game has much more to offer than meets the eye.
First of all, this game is truly hardcore and is not your typical get some wood, bang bang you have a hut. It is way more technical than any survival game I ever played, and that is why I think this game is great. So in Stationeers you manage your own space station... be it on the moon, mars or in space. You can play by yourself, or you can cause mayhem with the help of your friends - basically to build everything a space station needs such as atmospheric systems, power systems, hydroponics, gas collection and processing... and all of these systems need each other to work correctly. As always, you need resources to build your facility, so mining is an integral part of the game.
What makes it truly unique is the fact that building something as simple as a residential area, requires a substantial amount of systems. You need to seal the area, pressurize it by mixing the correct gases and ensure you do not have any elements in the air which can poison you. You then need to circulate it, clean it, cool it when it gets too hot, and heat it when it gets too cold. All this is controlled using logic gates and various circuits you build as you progress through the game. The beauty of it all, is the fact that due to this complexity and detail... you can just imagine a system, and get down to building it.
The game itself is far from perfect, and as a pre-alpha title... it is riddled with bugs and issues. Some can even be game breaking, requiring us to restart the server every so often. Gases in particular, seem to cause the most issues and the interface takes a very long time to get used to as well. On the whole though, I think the idea behind the game is great, the possibilities are truly endless, and there is indeed a whole repertoire of new things being added to the game on a regular basis, and a further list of things to be added in the coming months. I look forward to see how this game develops, and wish Rocketwerkz the best of luck in achieving their goal.
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