Coffee Crisis

Back to the arcades with a twist.

by Alex Gajewski on 16/08/2018
Classic feel brawler game but with oddly satisfying twists, world gets invaded by aliens and the only people to save the world are the heavy metal baristas and their trusty coffee bean bags. You go through a various different stages and battle a wide range of different enemies ranging from evil alien monsters as well as seriously pissed off elderly that if you don't be careful they will and I repeat THEY will kick your ass.
As far as we got till now, this game brings back tons of nostalgia, you even get passwords each level to continue your progress just like back in the day! This kind of attention to details we love the most. Other then that everything else is just like you would expect in these arcade games, follow the path, beat up any grandma's in your way and at end of each level beat up the main boss to continue.
As you travel further in the game you acquire different power ups from enemy drops after you kill them or else random things on the map such as bins, telephone poles and cones.
Game is very easy to get into and it's even better with another player. Currently the game is available on Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, PC and Xbox One.
Mega Cat Studios well done for the game! This will be my go to game right now, if you ever wish to send us a physical copy for Sega Genesis then feel free to contact us! ;)
Video review will follow up.

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