Rally Racers

Fun racing game, Mario Kart style and similar to Buggy Racers but with a better twist. Good cheap game for younger audience.

by Alex Gajewski on 29/03/2018
As we step into this game, the first thing it reminds us of is Mario Kart Deluxe & Buggy Racers. Similar play style, where you must not just complete the race... but also defeat other drivers with the special power-ups, or just use pure skill to dodge those bloody freeze rays which just force you to drive off the course, come to a full stop and waste much required momentum to beat other crazy drivers.
In game you have a choice of 5 different cars that vary in performance. These can be obviously upgraded with the coins you earn during races and you can customize the car with different paint jobs, as well as have a total of 8 companions where each come has his/her own special power up. Not forgetting the fact that you have a choice of 8 different drivers with each having different abilities to unlock. Additionally each driver is part of a team, which hopefully will end up stopping the selected driver from attacking you in races, I think.... maybe?
Then we come to the quest area which is somewhat comparable to a Candy Crush style leveling. You see, you have to beat the level with necessary targets and you then pass on to the next level, etc etc. Races tend to get challenging but with some practice, they do get easier.
Over all it's a fun game for a younger audience and I would say it's on par with Buggy Racers if not better. I will definitely suggest this for Nintendo Switch since it's a portable console, and definitely a cheaper buy if you don't have enough to just get Mario Kart.
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